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Dear fellow-hyphens around the world!

We have been thinking about this idea for a while, and initially we wanted to offer it as a common project for the world-wide fandom of KAT-TUN to make JE finally see and acknowledge that there are fans of KAT-TUN not only in Japan, but all around the world.

Never could we imagine that it would be in such moment and under such circumstances that we would be presenting this idea. Then again – now is the moment, when our boys KAT-TUN needs our support more than ever, needs to know that they are still loved by us – their hyphens.

This idea was initially born out of a desire to show our support to KAT-TUN on a more regular basis – not as a onetime project, and a desire to somehow demonstrate both our boys and JE just in how many countries they have fans. Because there are hyphens in many, many countries – some have an established KAT-TUN fandom that counts thousands, and in some there are but a few individuals – but it doesn’t mean that those individuals’ love for KAT-TUN is less, so we really wish that the fans of each country have a chance to show it – and if we work together and help each other out – it is entirely possible.

Now to the idea itself – it is very simple:

- Once a month the fans of each country in turn create a postcard, something along the lines of this postcard that we created.

(c) zlatvic

This is as an example only - we will provide better quality for actual printing.

The picture is whatever you wish (of course, related to KAT-TUN and original - no photos of members or yourselves), and you put the name of your country there and also – the common logo and the motto of the entire project "International hyphens support KAT-TUN".

(c) zlatvic

We especially made the logo black-and-white, so that it can be easily printed on a sticker
and put on the envelope as well, if you will be posting the card in an envelope.
It is important that the logo/motto is recognizable throughout the project

- This postcard is then uploaded to where everyone can get it - and the link posted here.

- And then the fans all around the world – not only from the country that created the postcard – print it out and before the certain date send it to JE
KAT-TUN *name of member*
Johnny’s Family Club
B1F Miyamasu Tower, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku 1-10-10
Tokyo, Japan
(please remember, that unfortunately you can not address the card to Tanaka Koki any more)

Meaning that the postcards created in, for instance – Argentina, Italy or Thailand will also come from Russia, China, US and so on.

- Next month – the postcard is created by another country, and the whole process is repeated.

Such was the initial idea, but considering the circumstances – I think that the fans in many countries would want to show the support of their country as well, and if they sign up for this project and manage to make a postcard soon enough – I think that initially we may not wait a month for the next turn, or can even send several countries’ postcards simultaneously. The more support our boys get right now – the better. The only thing we hope for is that even after the first wave the project continues on a relatively constant basis.

We hope that you support our initiative, because in this way each country has a chance to be seen and acknowledged; and KAT-TUN regularly – one month after another will receive the evidence of our love and support, something that they now need really direly. Also - by sending the postcards for fellow-hyphens from other countries we can show that in fact we are all together – one giant worldwide fandom – connected by the “chain” of our love towards one band. All of us together – we are KAT-TUN!

We have also a community on FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Postcard-for-Kat-Tun/1405717439659434 and will gather information from both places.

If you are interested to participate in this project - please, leave a comment, and if your country is interesed in preparing a postcard to be sent together with ours in the first wave or some next month - please tell us, so that we can create some sort of schedule.

Also, please, feel free to repost this wherever you think the KAT-TUN fans in other countries are more likely to see it or to translate it into your native language (actually, we will appreciate it) – it is important that we do it all together!


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Nov. 5th, 2013 06:27 am (UTC)
Ano, I would like to participate. This would be the Fandom of England. So, what do I do?
Nov. 5th, 2013 06:56 am (UTC)
Thank you for your support!

First of all - you can participate by sending other countries postcards (the deadline is up for the one from the fandom of Russia - but I think you can still send it if you do so quickly, and we are waiting for the postcard from USA by the next Monday and will upload it for sending shortly afterwards).

If you want to participate by making a postcard from your country, the guidelines for making it are here. Please, confirm if you want to make one and I will add England to the list - we have 6 countries there already, so you will have around six months to make yours.

And if you know ways to promote our initiative - both within your country's fandom and the international one - via twitter, facebook and LJ communities, which we haven't already promoted it in, or other web-sites or blogs, we will be very thankful)))))

Edited at 2013-11-05 07:30 am (UTC)
Nov. 5th, 2013 04:06 pm (UTC)
Thank you!! I'll ask for England, and post from Russia if I can. Thanks!
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